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Message from the Chairman

In this ever changing world, we seldom think rationally and the result being that we always happen to be the last passengers to board the flight! We speak of modernisation and think proudly to be in the 21st century, never giving a second thought whether we are in tune with the changes across the globe. In fact we are too bold to accept that there is still so much to learn and move ahead. We need to make strong commitments to accept reality and learn from our mistakes. It is only then that our society and our country can be put into gear to overcome the problems that dampen our energy and enthusiasm. It is our prime duty to help the ignorant and strive to make a better society. Westernisation needs to be replaced by modernisation. We should be torch-bearers to the young generation so that they become better citizens of our country and preserve the rich culture and heritage of our country proudly.

Students who often tend to turn truant need to be given proper counseling and psychiatric treatment. Teachers at Xavier's continue to stay passionate about their profession as they feel there only lies the true spirit of education.

I strongly support the noted author Shiv Khera when he says, "Educating the mind without morals creates a maniac in the society". A great care while teaching children is the demand of the modern times. All round development of students is necessary in order to see them come up with flying colours and turn their dream into reality.

Let's aim to produce the best and forget the rest.

S. Chandra