Examination Shedule

Online Examinations for Class Nursery to Std. V and Offline Examinations for Std. VI to Std. VIII and Std. XI shall be held from 1st March 2021.

Registration & Admission 2021-22

Registration & Admission for the session 2021-22 is going on. Please ensure your seat as soon as possible.

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Aim & Objective

The School believes in the worth and uniqueness of every child. We help the young minds widen their horizons to learn and think for themselves. We strive to inculcate in them certain moral, social and intellectual values through proper guidance and quality education.

The overall objectives of the school are to develop the following qualities in its students:
  1. Self respect and respect for the rights of others.
  2. Honesty, Sincerity, Generosity and Tolerance.
  3. Courage to face reality, optimism and dignity of labour.
  4. A deep sense of commitment of Justice and Equality.
  5. Quest for knowledge through observation, exploration, analysis and evaluation.

To meet these objectives, a proper environment is created in which the young minds develop their personal and social virtues through discipline and loving guidance.